International Operations

For many years now, we have been regularly traveling abroad for our customers to report on the news or to realise larger productions.
We can provide video journalists, as well as large teams, according to your wishes and requirements!

Previous international operations:

Paris, France: Banlieue unrest

L’Aquila, Italy: Earthquake
London, United Kingdom: G20 summit
Mallorca, Spain: ETA bomb attacks

London, United Kingdom: Football World Cup final 16 Germany vs England
London, United Kingdom: UK parliamentary elections
Mallorca, Spain: Football World Cup semi-final Germany-Spain
Paris, France: SAP meeting

London, United Kingdom: Royal wedding of William & Kate
Hurghada, Egypt: Report about German tourists during the Arab Revolution
Slatni Pjassazi, Bulgaria: Tragic accident in a hotel pool
Monte Carlo, Monaco: Royal wedding
Paris, France: Kalinka court case

Baku, Azerbaijan: Eurovision Song Contest
Rimini, Italy: European Championship semi-finals Germany vs Italy
Budapest, Hungary: SAP event

Barcelona, Spain: Mobile phone trade fair
Nicosia, Cyprus: Euro troubles
London, United Kingdom: Champions League final
Istanbul, Turkey: Unrest on Taksim Square
London, United Kingdom: Waiting for the Royal Baby or “The Great Kate Wait”

Barcelona, Spain: Mobile phone trade fair
South Tyrol, Italy: Preparation of the German national football team for the World Cup in Brazil
Santo André and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: With the national football team in Brazil.
6 weeks coverage, from the first training session to winning the title

Suruç, Turkey: Deployment on the Turkish-Syrian border near the contested city of Kobanê

Barcelona, Spain: Mobile phone trade fair
Seine-les-Alpes, France: Germanwings plane crash
Kathmandu, Nepal: Earthquake
Vienna, Austria: Eurovision Song Contest
Sousse, Tunisia: Terrorist attack
Athens, Greece: The Euro crisis
Serbia and Croatia: Refugees on the Balkan route
Croatia, Slovenia and Austria: Refugees on the Balkan route
Paris, France: Terrorist attack
Brussels, Belgium: Terror warning level 4
Luxembourg: EU Court of Justice

Davos, Switzerland: World Economic Forum
Barcelona, Spain: Mobile phone trade fair
Zurich, Switzerland: FIFA election
Riga, Latvia: Missing person
Antalya, Turkey: Coup attempt
Amatrice, Italy: Earthquake

Barcelona, Spain: Mobile phone trade fair